14 Day Jumpstart!

Why we created this program?

For over 5 years, we have offered one of the most unique and personalized cleansing experiences through our variety of programs and seasonal menus of nutritious juices, almond milks, soups, teas and broths. Many of our clients love to cleanse with us multiple times per year, but that leaves a lot of in-between time where they could use extra support to stay on track with healthy food choices. That’s where the CAN CAN Cleanse 14 Day Jumpstart comes in!  

The purpose of this program is to provide a step between an all liquid-based cleanse and our everyday eating patterns. It incorporates a variety of delicious, plant-based recipes AND nutrient dense juices, so you get the best of both worlds! The 14 Day Jumpstart program is perefect to do right before kicking off an all liquid-based cleanse, or right after you’ve finished one, or any time between cleanses when you’re feeling the need to get back to the basics with healthful eating. 

How it works!

During each day of the 14 Day Jumpstart, you’ll enjoy juice and easy-to- prepare meals. 

We’ve designed the program to include only plant-based foods, but if you find that you need animal protein, you’re welcome to add it to support your body.

4 “Meals” Per Day

1) Smoothie

2) Hearty Lunch

3) Juice

4) Dinner

…and no snacking or grazing between meals.

You CAN do it!

What does the program include?

*Daily Meal Plans

*Amazing Recipes

*2 Juices per day

*Easy-to-follow program booklet with recipes & tips

*Teresa’s support & encouragement!

Price: $395 

Sign-up & Purchase 

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